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Tumble Blast

DeLong Equipment offers wheel tumble blasting services for excellent metal finishing of parts in any shape or size. A 100 % cost effective fabrication job is what you can expect out of our blasting procedures. DeLong incorporates a large inventory of finishing equipments and bio clean compounds to offer best of class blasting services to fit your needs.

Our state-of-the-art wheel blast equipments are comprised of Manganese wire mesh belts and Spinner hangers that ensure continuous monorail systems. The blast wheel is an important element of the Tumble blasting unit that initiates the cleaning process extensively. The design and type of wheels used greatly influence the efficiency of the entire operation.

DeLong’s ...


Steel Ball Burnishing

DeLong offers extensive range of steel ball burnishing media available in distinctive shapes and materials. Two main forms of burnished steel balls are available with us which are Eclipse and Abco. Spherical steel balls are subjected to slight flattening at their poles to give the eclipse shape wherein they are left rounded for the abco type.

Latest technology burnishing equipments are used in the burnishing process wherein parts are loaded into chambers along with the steel balls and excited with high speed vibrations. Abrasion and collision of parts with these balls causes wearing, rubbing and grinding of imperfect edges, finally producing a crystal clear fine surface.

The rounded steel balls that we supply offer ...

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